About us

About Silva G Realty

Silva G Realty specializes in Luxury Rental Properties. A trusted name in the Luxury Residential and Commercial listings. We bring to reality all your luxury real estate rental needs.; as that is our area of specialization. Our services cater to clients who have refined taste and desire an opulence lifestyle in the real sense. We have been helping individuals, families and organizations achieve their rental property goals over the years.

We understand each property is different and individuals have their own unique specification.

The home renting and buying process is one filled with goals, dreams, wants and needs; finding the right home takes more than finding a house online.

We understand the emotions attached to acquiring a property and we relate with our clients with deep understanding and high professionalism, hence; our clients enjoy seamless experience in actualizing their goals.

Our mission

Our constant aim is to deliver excellence in all our services and to give our clients absolute satisfaction, by engaging the best hands to apply the best processes in delivering the best place for our clients to live, work and play.

Our vision

To reinvent luxury living and become a household name for luxury real estate globally. To be the best amongst our counterparts. To develop and build capacity for efficient Real Estate service delivery in Nigeria and beyond. 

Our real estate company has a number of luxury and exclusive listings that are perfect for for clients like you.

What our customers saying

Buy or sell your home with Our agents. Our agents are knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to everyone’s satisfaction!

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