15 Best Blogs To Follow About Real Estate

The greatest way to be ahead of everyone in whatever field or discipline you are is to always be keyed in.

The same applies to real estate, a field where there are ever-evolving dynamics i.e. new and innovative ideas. The quickest way to catch up with all of these despite your busy schedule is to follow blogs with great, easy-to-read and relevant information that’ll keep you ahead of the loop.

The only problem ahead now might be that of an information overload, if you were to run a quick google search on Real estate blogs, you might end up with an information overload. Not to worry, that aspect has already been taken care of. Here is a list of the best 15 Real Estate Blogs in no particular order:

1.   Danbel Properties & Investment Blog: If you need a spy to keep you up on what the current market is all about, this one is for you. It also helps with guides to follow to avoid not so obvious real estate errors. You get the inside scoop on the latest land adverts, realtor adverts, news, personal and professional opinions. It even comes along with a real estate dictionary.

How cool is that?

For any Nigerian willing to learn the ropes or brush up their real estate knowledge, this is the one. You’ll find Realtors, experts and professionals giving you the latest updates on anything real estate oriented.

2.    NaijaHouses: This is a platform that provides directions/guidance to real estate agents. Their primary function is basically providing a website that lists leading properties up for sale, for rent or short let. Their platform also promotes sales of properties to potential buyers. On their website is also an aspect which gives out the best information available on Real Estate. You get the added benefits of helpful tips on House Renovation, Kitchen Designs, Best deals, and the latest cutting-edge home designs.

3.     Property Flow: It is primarily a SAAS platform focused on the provision of a spectrum of solutions for real estate agents, brokers and developers. It offers services such as Listing management for the management of real estate inventory, rentals, sales of both residential and commercial platforms. Hence, their blog is solely aimed towards guiding people interested in real estate on the media and marketing aspects of it such as brand building, social media and email marketing, lead generation and lead engagement.

4. Thinkmint Nigeria Blog: If you are really looking forward to the latest news in real estate, check out Inman. It is one of the best blogs that not only provides you with strategies, trends, personal and professional pieces/opinions but with the technical know-how of everything you need to know about the industry. They also offer services related to professional counselling for anyone who intends to have an edge or dive deep into the world of the Real Estate industry.

5.  Propertypro.Ng: This one’s quite different as it isn’t a website solely designed to work as a blog, instead it is a platform designed to sell or rent real estate, provide access to other services such as Electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, generator repairs, cleaners, dish, and air conditioner installers for their clients. They also provide advanced strategies by making use of virtual slideshows of the properties that are listed. As a blog, the benefits you’ll get are helpful tips on becoming a licensed real estate agent, tips for rents, house costs, mortgages and house decoration.

6.   McKissock: a globally accredited platform that has a wide range of information This blog is just a fraction of what the entire platform is all about, but the blog would do just fine, it offers a variety of information for real estate aficionados, real estate professionals, property appraisers, home inspectors, land surveyors and engineers. There are no shortages of topics either, real estate tax laws, appraisals of specific home types like senior housing, and even how to balance parenting with a real estate career etc. Choose your pick.

7. Joe Nigeria Real Estate Blog: This platform is a little segregated, it is a 2-in-1 kind of blog as one is designated the sales of land in estates in Nigeria while the other is solely for readers who are sellers and homebuyers, or people that generally have lots of questions about real estate and its investments.

8.   Housing Wire: This caters to the financial end of things. It exposes you to valuable knowledge needed to make highly informed actions and decisions when it comes to interest rates, taxation, mortgages, regulation and finance in general. There are other beneficial aspects such as Podcasts, and its ease of engagement which allows mortgage and housing professionals to engage and connect.

9. Reddit/Quora – Homeowners & Investors: This is an exception on the list. Despite not being actual blogs, Quora and Reddit have different forums for a wide variety of quality content on questions people who are in the Real Estate Niche are curious about.

There are several other amazing blogs you can always easily visit:

10. EucarlRealty Blog.

11. MKH Investment Blog.

12. Forbes Real Estate.

13. Zillow. 

14. REtipster.

15. Rentonomics. 

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