Why We Love Real Estate

1. You help people make life changing decisions, and you genuinely care

Your clients aren’t asking you to fix a leaky tap, submit their tax return, or paint their toenails. They are asking you to help them make a big bold move, both physically and emotionally, onto the next chapter of their lives.

It’s stressful, but you are there to hold your client’s hand throughout the transition. You have an excellent bedside manner, you ease the worry and pain, but most important of all, you help them make tough, yet well-informed decisions.

And for you, it’s also an emotional rollercoaster. Helping home sellers is intense and draining, but you make that investment in them, time and time again.


As agent Jacqui Rowland-Smith shared with me; “the weeks you spend in each other’s pockets is almost like a marriage, and even though you aren’t actually married, more often than not you come away as friends for life!”

2. You are multi-talented, wear many hats and juggle immense risk

Variety is the spice of life, and you certainly have that working in real estate.

  • You have to be both a smart marketer and a strong sales negotiator.
  • You need to know industry regulations and legislation.
  • You have to be up to date on local economics and be financially savvy.

What other job has so many strings to its bow?


As agent Mariana Wagner shared “as a real estate agent, it’s not IF you will be sued … it’s WHEN. Dotting my “i”‘s and crossing my “t”‘s and keeping great notes has been the shield and sword against many a whacko. I SO appreciate the foreknowledge of keeping great notes in a situation that could be potentially sticky … real estate or not.”

3. You get to solve mysteries

I love the unique perspective of Amy Curtis. She says “I like solving problems and real estate is an all-you-can-eat-buffet of problems to be solved.” She explains, “he likes newer construction; she’s drawn to vintage homes … What house will we find that they will agree on? It starts as a mystery, but you get to help solve it … and always do! Solving mysteries is one of the more fun things I do.”

And just like those ‘choose your own adventure’ books we read as kids, you get to choose your own clientele, and each one of those can be an adventure!


Mariana Wagner adds; “real estate is an endless series of entertaining choices. Should I show the home that has four stoned teenagers in the basement and a random passed out adult in the living room? Or, should I bypass THAT house for the one that has four shrines to Elvis? Should I take the listing that smells like a parakeet factory? Or should I take the listing where each room is painted a different hue of fluorescent pink?”

4. You’re tenacious and resilient

Your tenacity and persistence never ceases to impress. As a real estate agent, you’re always fired up, ready to face the day and tackle what comes your way.

If someone moves your cheese (as in the fable and best-selling book by Dr Spencer Johnson) you know exactly what to do. You’re no Hem and Haw.

And the obstacles to tackle and curve balls to catch are almighty when they come. It’s a high-emotion, high-stakes game, but you love the thrill of the chase and throw yourself in – body and soul.


You enjoy the ruckus and fast pace of the game, and always succeed in making it across the try line. But the exhilaration comes from scoring that goal right before the final whistle blows. Back-slaps all round!

Luke Bouman shares this same sentiment; “Sure, it can be fun (and you can make awesome money at times), but every deal is different and many will suck your time away and make you no money. Every [agent] out there will attest to this – you have to take the good with the bad, like all things in life.

  • You work 7 days a week and are available all hours.
  • You are self-motivated, organised – you have to be because you are self-employed.
  • You work your asses off… yet don’t get your pay cheque for a month, two months, or more.
  • You multitask and juggle numerous clients at once yet somehow don’t allow your career to consume your life or drive you bat-sh!t crazy!”

And, you know, I bet you wouldn’t have it any other way!

5. You have a thirst for knowledge and eagerness to improve

Mariana Wagner loves the fact that there’s “a smorgasbord of things to learn. Market trends, new technologies, social media and the things that just pop up in every deal.”


As a trainer myself, you make my job, teaching you about social media, digital and inbound marketing an absolute pleasure. You are the perfect students – interested, alert and hungry to learn. Real estate marketing is constantly changing, and you love learning all the cutting edge tips and tricks. And I love sharing them with you, because I know it’s going to make a big difference, help elevate you, and enable you to be the best possible YOU, you can be.

Mariana Wagner adds “real estate is what brought me into the world of blogging and social media. Now I have even MORE friends who think I am odd. I love you all.”

6. You are kick-ass decision makers

You help people make tough decisions every day. You know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an ‘indecisive person’ so when you seek help and engage people [like me] to assist you in your business, you don’t waste time. You know what you want, and you say “Great, let’s crack on with it” – I personally thank you for that!


7. You lift each other up

And, wow what a positive bunch you are.

I’ve worked across many industries, but none have displayed such camaraderie or been as supportive.

Those of you I lovingly follow on social media seem to follow each other just as much in return. For every post, you place, there’s as many if not more likes, shares and comments from your industry peers than anyone else in your social network.

Many of you love helping your peers so much that you’ve transitioned from real estate agent to real estate coach, such as Claudio EncinaJet XavierCharles Baynie, and Kevin Turner with his podcast show, Real Estate Uncut. You are so fortunate because there are so many more people like them on hand to help.


Others of you still sell by day but have made a commitment to foster online real estate communities by night, such as Zac McHardy and Edgar Natolo from The Real Estate Community and Daniel Hayes from ABB Always Be Branding.

There were over 20 real estate Facebook groups at last count, where you network, joke, poke fun at yourselves, share leads and vent in safety.

When I interviewed Zac about his, he said “it’s been a success in my mind, not because of our large number of followers, the numbers are irrelevant, it’s more the level of engagement we’ve seen. Members are free to share ideas, so there are lots of great takeaways from agents at all levels. Plus everyone’s free to voice opinions, so you see a lot of solidarity and spirited back and forth banter”.

I enjoy reading the stories you share. You most certainly make your own industry fun and rewarding.

8 – You have freedom to work from anywhere

You’re not stuck in an office like most professions. You can work from home, your car, the coffee shop, or even the beach in Bali?!

You can create your own schedule, so you can be there for your kids, family and friends when they need you.


9. You’re personable, fun, you don’t take life too seriously

You have the ability to strike up a conversation with anybody, so you do, with everybody!

“Work hard – play hard”, is your motto.

You are certainly not introverted, no one is going to describe you as “shy and retiring”, and that’s what I love about you most.

You wear your heart on your sleeve. That’s brand YOU! And you work on brand YOU consistently.

When you are afforded the opportunity, you like to entertain and look on the bright side of any situation.

It’s hard to bring comedy into every situation, but you do when you can. And in fact, one of you is the master of meaningful banter … Hey Jodie Hill (and eh, don’t kill me for including this)!

10. You are the master of your own destiny

Many of you have transitioned into real estate from varied careers. You know it’s hard. But you also know that nobody can pull the rug from under you. Out on the front line, there’s no corporate politics, no redundancy – your setbacks can only be down to you.

You work long hours, but it’s on your terms and the harder you work the more earning potential you have. As one forum comment read “In Real Estate, your raise is effective as soon as YOU are.” How very true!

You know how to make hay while the sun shines.

Amy Curtis says “Starting up, building a business, surviving downturns … None of that comes easy … On the contrary, it’s really, really hard (at least it was/is for me). But if you can do it, you can make a decent living, and no one can take your job away. I like that.”


And Luke Bouman adds; “Real estate can be a very lucrative career, but it takes hard work, perseverance, and a little luck along the way. For most [people] this is not the case [in their] professions. [They] are either on salary or getting paid hourly. No matter how hard [they] work, [they] make the same amount of money and often [their] hard work is overlooked.

You have a great work ethic, and high morals. You love people and property, and people in property love you.

As a real estate agent you have unlimited potential for income; if you work hard and are willing to take the time, energy and expenses to build your personal brand and business, you can make more money, plus you have a very flexible schedule and a chance to make a difference in many people’s lives.

11. You scrub up pretty well

You have to be THE best-looking industry professionals I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how you do it. We’ll. Actually, I do – apparently, you get up at 5am to fit in a workout.


You always dress for success, and you make sure you’re coiffured to the highest of standards, there’s no midnight shadow, no hipster quirkiness, because you know that it pays dividends to be polished to perfection.

12. You smile, and the world smiles with you

How is it that you manage to maintain a constant smile?

When we talk, there’s no frown or furrowed brow in sight. Your ability to remain calm in the face of diversity amazes me.


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